Andrea D'Andrea

Brand & Visual IDENTITY

Creating a brand is probably one of the most complicated aspects of design, it is a constant exercise between customer needs, artistic aspirations and sign recognition. At the basis of a good brand there is the right balance between each of these elements and a lot of advertising, because the best of brands, if it is not well communicated, will never be remembered.

Graphic design

The graphic designer is not an artist, rather he is a digital craftsman; but to be a good craftsman you need to have a lot of experience and know the tools.
I’ve been working in the visual arts for years and maybe the project that I prefer most are posters, but all graphical products are actually based on Gestalt and editorial cage, just like this site.
From brochures, to books, even a business card needs the right balance between the visual elements that compose it, because the text is also a graphic element!

exhibitions & installations

When you think at the communication of an exhibition it is not only a question of graphics design but also and above all, of habillage (dressing): every element must fit well; it is a question of keeping the deeper aspects of the artwork to make them visible, without revealing them completely, feeding the viewer’s curiosity.
Where needed I can intervene with multimedia supports or interactive solutions.

Web sites

Websites and institutional portals, with WordPress® I can create any type of site, even complex portals that integrate user management and content of all kinds.


Woocommerce® or Prestashop®, choose the platform that best suits your needs. Thanks to various partnerships I can also offer you the best solution to synchronize the site with your management system.

2d animations

From classic clay animation to pixilation; from 2D animation with Adobe Animate® or AfterEffect®, going through step one animation, drawing every single frame (or almost).

AR & UX design

If we talk about the future of visual communication, we can no longer ignore these two elements: Augmented Reality (AR) and User Experience (UX). For the first, I use development frameworks such as ARKit® and ARCore® and my Gamification skills; Regarding the User Experience:
I have always been designing graphic interfaces, since I was just 20 years old I started collaborating with the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Study of Salerno for the realization of some interactive projects in Macromedia Director®.

APP development

The use of smart phones for access to all types of information often makes it necessary to create dedicated tools that go beyond the site or social networks and allow direct interaction with customers or specific services. For this reason, sometimes it becomes necessary to create dedicated applications that can support these needs.

Game design

Since I was a boy I have always had a passion for games, from board games like Brivido® to graphic adventures like Sam & Max®, I never stopped playing. When I started making web video games, Flash® technology still existed; today I work on perhaps more complex platforms such as Unity® which however allow greater freedom of expression and above all to develop in Multi-Device mode, that is compatible with desk and mobile technologies.

digital solutions

Digital technology is an important part of my work but also a passion, this is why I am always up to date on the latest interactive technologies in the communication market.
I can advise you in choosing the most suitable technology or realize it for you with Raspberry®, Arduino® or perhaps with other solutions.