Andrea D'Andrea


Andrea D’Andrea, graphic, web, app & game designer, drawer, image investigator. 

I like to cross areas of visual communication jumping from digital to analog.

I was born in Potenza in 1978 and I got a degree in Communication Sciences. After working in some agencies outside the region, I came back  to my hometown where I deal with visual communication, training and digital consultancy as a freelance.

I am a collaborator and consultant for other professionals, agencies and associations all around the Italy… but not only.

During most than 20 years of work in visual communication I have been: 

  • colorist @ Marvel Deutschland;
  • theacher in communication, web and game design;
  • 2D director and animator on commercials and motion pictures;
  • designer and communication manager of various exhibitions and museum installations;
  • game designer of board games, web and multi device applications;
  • web & mobile developer.

From more than 10 years I have been involved in several Erasmus+ projects that have led me to travel to a large part of Europe and to deal with completely different company in complex multi-disciplinary areas.