The project intends to create a trivia board game dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the COE’s youth sector that will be celebrated in 2012. The intention of the international partnership is to create, develop and pilot an innovative trivia board game in “Active European Citizenship” which should be one of the first of its kind in Europe.
The young people will work on it in each participating country and then jointly will develop it, amending and testing the structure and content till the final product. At the end of the project the principal concrete objective will be the production of a trivia Game that can be used profitably with both residents and migrants in each European country.
Realising it we would like to concentrate the attention on the following modules:
1. Values of Active European citizenship
2. COE’s history
3. Human Rights and Empowerment
4. COE’s countries: facts, figures, economy and trade
5. Art, music, culture, food and humour of the COE nations.
The objectives of the Game is to develop an understanding of what it means to be part of COE, sharing each other?s cultures, mentoring immigrants in the community, feeling a sense of brotherhood, etc. and using it as a learning tool for teachers and learners.